The 3DPanel System

Structural Foam Core Panels (stronger than M2) (approved for use in more countries)

One of the fundamental design requirements of reinforced concrete is that the minimum distance between the reinforcing and anything else should be no less than the dimension of the largest aggregate used in the concrete. Only 3DPanel provides this critical parameter. In M2, 50% of the lateral reinforcing is in contact with the foam core which essentially renders the concrete, in those areas, as not reinforced.

Stronger Than Concrete Block

More Versatile Than Steel Frame

FASTER Than Either


Changing Construction Methods Worldwide!

The 3DPanel is a very rigid structural panel that usually requires no additional reinforcing whether it is used in foundations, walls, intermediate floors, or roofs. When used in all elements of a building, the result is a truly monolithic structure that is virtually impervious to hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. 3DPanel has been used as structure in buildings up to seven stories. The panels are standard in 1.2 m. (4’) x 2.4 m. (8’) and 3m. (10’) with EPS core thicknesses of 50 mm. (2”), 64 mm. (2.5”), and 100 mm. (4”). The EPS core also provides excellent acoustical and thermal insulation and energy efficiency of 3DPanel buildings is enhanced by the thermal mass of the concrete skin.

The 3DPanel “space frame” is exceptionally rigid and is comprised of:

  1. (1)    Modified Expanded Polystyrene Core

  2. (2)    Two Outer Layers of 2” x 2” 11 ga. Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

  3. (3)    Galvanized 9 ga. truss wires pierce the core at opposing angles and    are welded to the Face Mesh

  4. (4)    Field applied Shotcrete

  5. The 3DPanels are produced to exacting tolerances using patented high speed machinery. The Panel’s light weight yields dramatic advantages in lower shipping costs, easy job site handling, and rapid erection/installation.

Panels Set Ready for Shotcrete

Time and Money 3DPanels Save Both

Each 3DPanel is lightweight (a 64 mm. core 1.2 m. x 2.4 m. panel weighs just 17.2 kgs.), so they are easily handled and installed. Walls can go up in hours, entire buildings (even multi-storied) in just weeks, even with non-specialized labor. Placed over cast-in-place or epoxy-set rebar dowels 3DPanels are fastened together with 1’ wide 2” x 2” mesh (same as face mesh) attached with “hog rings”. Corners are similarly reinforced with 2’ mesh bent to the angle of the corner. Window and door openings are quickly cut to accommodate any type of frame material. The core is easily melted, with a torch or heat gun, to allow for rapid placement of electrical conduits and plumbing. Field applied wet or dry shotcrete, to the desired thickness, results in a monolithic concrete structure that will accept any type of interior and exterior surface, texture treatment, or finish, including stamping, staining, and sculpting.

Panel Wall with Utilities

Live Load Test (64 mm. Panel as Floor)

Spraying High Velocity Shotcrete

Yet Mother Nature has provided the severest of tests. A home (above), built with 3-D Panels in Homestead, Florida, survived the fury of Hurricane Andrew with no structural damage; a two-story research complex (below), built with 3-D Panels in the Mojave Desert, withstood California's worst earth-quake in 40 years (7.5 Richter) with zero structural effects.


Man’s and Mother Nature’s

In test after rigorous test, involving extraordinary forces and conditions, 3DPanels have excelled. Results of wind-load, seismic stress, and live-load tests are startling, meaning that the 3DPanel system is adaptable to virtually any structural requirement or climatic/environmental/seismic condition.

Limitless Applications.

The 3-D Panel System is being used in construction projects of virtually every type around the world, including:

    •    Commercial Office Buildings

    •    Upscale Homes

    •    Manufacturing Facilities

    •    Nursing Homes

    •    Schools

    •    Fire Stations

    •    Correctional Facilities

    •    Low-Cost Housing Projects

    •    Sound Barrier Walls

    •    Fire/Privacy/Partition Walls

    •    Condominium Developments

    •    Municipal Structures