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Introduced to Panama in 2006 and Approved in 2009 the 3DPanel Space Frame System

is the Latest Best Innovation in Building Available Here

  1. Faster than conventional building by 30%-50%

  2. Structural system that eliminates beams and columns in most structures

  3. Hurricane proof, earthquake proof, and pest proof (withstood California’s worst earthquake

  4.     in 40 years(7.5 Richter), Hurricane Hugo (Cat 4) in USVI, and Hurricane Andrew (Cat 5) in Homestead,FL with zero structural effects)

  5. Environmentally Safe (Steel and EPS (no CFCs used) are recycled products)

  6. Code Compliance (CABO, SBCCI, ICBO, BOCA, HUD-SEB#1120)

Approved by Junta Tecnica

Junta Tecnica  has approved the 3DPanel system for use in Panamá, with Resolución No. 796. This means that the 3DPanel system complies with the building codes of Panamá and can be used as a structural medium for all construction applications.

The structural evaluation reports on our 3DPanel System, Propuesta Vivienda and Propuesta Muros y Losas by Universidad Tecnologica de Panamá, represent 18 months of exhaustive testing and analysis by one of the foremost structural engineering laboratories in the world (certified by Japan). These reports provide the engineering details to enable the design of multi-story structures, that utilize the 3DPanel System for walls, intermediate floors, and roofs to provide monolithic buildings. These reports are available upon request. Click here to request.

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